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What should a landlord expect on trial day?

A landlord will often undertake extensive measures to resolve a conflict or other problems a tenant may be experiencing or creating to avoid the time and cost of legal action. However in some instances, legal action against a tenant is the only option and the courts will be an essential element in enforcing the landlord’s rights. However, many landlords are hesitant to take on legal action because they have heard horror stories about the legal or process or they believe that the legal process will not protect their rights. It is true that landlords can place themselves in difficult situations if they file lawsuits without understanding the legal process, but these situations were created by the landlord’s lack of legal knowledge and guidance. Landlords who play by the rules and who can provide sufficient evidence to prove their claims will typically find relief from the courts and an important asset for their business.

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How Should a Landlord Prepare for Trial against a Current or Former Tenant?

If you are a landlord, you understand the difficulties and hassles that having tenants can entail. And yet, without tenants your business would be unable to continue. But despite the necessity of tenants, certain individuals can cause damage to the property, engage in unlawful or dangerous activities on the premises, fail to pay their rent in a timely manner, or engage in other behaviors that can significantly affect others living or working in your building.  While a landlord will try to work things out with the problem tenant, in some cases the tenant simply will not cease the unwanted behavior. In situations like these, the landlord may be left with no option but to bring legal action to evict the tenant or to recover damages for the property or other damages incurred.

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