A growing company is often one with growing legal concerns. As your business increases in size,  it can become an attractive target for an intellectual property dispute, a disgruntled former employee, or dishonest individuals who attempt to obtain goods and services from your company without intent to provide remuneration. Unfortunately many small businesses lack dedicated and experienced legal counsel because they are focused on funneling revenue back into the company to promote growth. However, your small business or emerging company can still be protected from legal claims and challenges by engaging with a meticulous attorney from The Jayson Law Group, LLC.

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What can your small business expect from our representation?

Your legal representation reflects on your company. A small business owner or operator who has invested months or years of work into his or her company undoubtedly wants legal counsel that is as dedicated as it is strategic. If your small company selects The Jayson Law Group, LLC, for representation you can expect:

  • Professional service – When you work with a lawyer from The Jayson Law Group, LLC, you can expect your attorney to approach matters in a way that protects your brand. Our representation is trusted and respected in New Jersey business concerns.
  • Responsive communication – Our approach to commercial law emphasizes prompt, concise communication. If you have questions we strive to return your call as quickly as practicable.
  • Dedicated representation – When your business has a legal challenge, we do not rest until a well-considered legal plan has been formulated and implemented. We are dedicated legal problem solvers and are fully committed to each of our clients.

The foregoing are but a few of the approaches and practices you can expect when working with The Jayson Law Group, LLC. We are dedicating to solving the problems of small businesses in New Jersey.

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Advocacy and Services for Small Businesses in New Jersey

Small and emerging businesses throughout New Jersey often have rapidly changing needs and concerns. While one week your company may be focused on a copyright or process claim due to licensed IP, the next it may need guidance with local regulatory issues or required legal filings. Our firm can represent and advocate for your commercial interests in a broad array of matters not limited to:

  • Business entity selection and formation – Businesses that started as a sole proprietorship or a simple partnership may no longer offer adequate legal protections for the owner or owners. Our attorneys can help you choose and implement a structure for your business.
  • Contract drafting & review – A meticulous review of contracts and other legal documents can prevent drafting errors or a situation where parties think they are in agreement, but the meeting of the minds is actually illusory. Avoiding a contractual dispute can save your business money and avoid distractions in your day-to-day operations.
  • Zoning & regulatory guidance – Regulatory concerns can exist at the local, state and federal levels. Zoning issues can often require a knowledgeable and diplomatic approach to bring results.
  • Commercial litigation – If a dispute or misunderstanding has already developed into a litigated matter The Jayson Law Group, LLC, can provide dedicated representation. If an action has yet to be filed, we take a flexible approach to the matter that is likely to result in a favorable outcome for your business.
  • Asset recovery – When you provide goods, services or capital you expect to receive remuneration according to the negotiated terms. Unfortunately circumstances or other factors may intervene leaving your company in in the red.
  • Business succession planning – Particularly important for closely held companies and corporations, succession planning can protect a business from hostile takeover or control by a management group that may not share the same goals as the founder. Succession planning is often part of a comprehensive estate plan.
  • Employment disputes – Following the dissolution of an employment relationship, the former employee may remember or perceive certain actions as being discriminatory or harassment. Our firm can work to get to the bottom of damaging allegations and defend your company’s reputation.

The Jayson Law Group, LLC, can provided dedicated representation, advocacy and legal planning for your New Jersey small business. To schedule a confidential legal consultation for your small company in New Jersey, call the Jayson Law Group, LLC, at 908-768-3633 or contact us online.