As a tenant-friendly state, landlords in New Jersey must take special care and precautions when dealing with tenants.  When a problem tenant is involved, the landlord is often tempted to resolve the issue directly. However New Jersey law requires that, in many cases, the landlord must take specific steps and measures before they can move to evict or take other adverse action against the tenant.  Even if you do evict the tenant, your company may still be left with their belongings and other property that was left in the apartment. In some instances the evicted tenant may even damage the premises in an attempt to exact revenge for their eviction.  We can advise your property management company on the options it has regarding the disposition of the tenant’s property and the legal options it has regarding the property damage.  Our attorneys can also handle complaints regarding the condition of the premises, constructive eviction, issues regarding quiet enjoyment, lease agreement issues, and many other landlord-tenant concerns.

We handle all types of landlord and tenant issues ranging from simple issues to complex litigation. We represent landlords and we are dedicated to crafting legal strategies that are likely to achieve their goals . We are always fully prepared regardless of the issue presented before us and we always work hard to achieve a favorable results for our clients.

Attorneys Representing New Jersey Landlords

We assist clients in the process of lease drafting and reviewing already existing  leases for issues of legal compliance and litigation risks. We also practice in resolving landlord-tenant disputes, sometimes through an eviction action. Sometimes tenants or former tenants may have several months of overdue rent. our firm can work to collect rent that remains due and owing. If the tenant files a countersuit or a motion challenging your request to the court, we can work to defend against the allegations or respond to the motion. Our experience in handling landlord-tenant litigation allows us to swiftly asses the factual issues and legal concerns before moving forward to craft a a legal solution that is  likely to result in a favorable determination. And because we are sensitive to your bottom-line, where it is appropriate, we will use mediation and other negotiations to resolve residential or commercial leasing issues without proceeding to trial.

Tenants may have questions regarding a landlord’s unwillingness to timely respond to repair requests or what to do if the landlord changes their locks. We are dedicated to resolving our clients’ lease issues. Whether your issue deals with an eviction, a lease renewal, or any other tenant related issue, our knowledgeable team of attorneys can help.

Landlords often come to us with questions such as:

  • Am I allowed to change the locks and lock out my tenant if he or she does not pay the rent?
  • Am I permitted to evict my tenant if I know they are selling illegal drugs from their apartment?
  • Is there anything I can do if a tenant is damaging the premises?
  • A tenant has requested a modification due to his disability that seems excessive and extravagant. Do I have to pay for it?
  • My commercial tenant is using the premises for purposes other than what we agreed the space would be used for. Can I make her stop? Can I evict and collect damages until I find a new tenant?
  • My tenant is habitually late in paying rent and I’m sick of it. What can I do?
  • One of my tenants is disturbing the entire building. I need to stop them and make the complaints end. What do I do?

After a close review of the facts, circumstances, contracts, and legal documents we can answer these and other questions that a landlord may have. We will negotiate and  provide legal representation for landlords, property management companies, and property managers for both residential and commercial leases. We are proud to offer an array of legal services not limited to drafting leases, amending already existing leases, resolving lease residential lease disputes, resolving commercial lease disputes, negotiation of lease terms, bringing eviction actions to remove a tenant, bringing actions to collect unpaid rent from current or former tenants, bringing actions to recover because of damage to the property, and any other legal concerns a landlord may have.

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