There are many approaches to starting or winding up a business in any state. In a state like New Jersey where the focus is often on protecting the consumer or employee, having a trusted legal advisor can be particularly valuable. An experienced business attorney can guide your fledgling start-up through the numerous regulatory hurdles or provide perspective and guidance for an already established company that is looking to expand, make an acquisition or wind up its business.

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Regardless of your company, partnership, or corporation’s needs, the experienced business attorneys of The Jayson Law Group LLC can provide clear, concise guidance.

Forming Your Business in New Jersey

When you are thinking about creating a new business, it is important to consider all of your options and their unique advantages and drawbacks. For instance, rather than continuing on as a sole proprietorship you may wish to form a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) so that you can protect your personal assets from liability if your business is sued. Or, depending on tax considerations or other factors, you may wish to form a partnership or a corporation.

Before taking any action an attorney from The Jayson Law Group LLC will meet with you to discuss the vision and goals you have for your new business. Once we have an understanding of your goals we can help you organize your business under the most favorable corporate structure and make other considerations that will help you realize that vision. Our attorneys work with you step-by-step through registering your business. We often draft and file the necessary business or corporate documents including:

  • Operating agreements
  • Buy-sell Agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Regulatory filings
  • Employee agreements
  • Certificate of Formation

Finally, our attorneys typically make sure that, as the owner of a new business, your personal assets are shielded from business liability.

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Dissolving Your New Jersey Company or Corporation

An experienced business lawyer can also help you in the process of winding up a business. The reasons for ceasing business operations are as numerous as they are varied. Perhaps it is no longer in your best interest to run a business. Maybe the costs of running your company have unexpectedly outstripped your revenue projections. In any case, if you have found that running a business is contrary to your best interests, then you can meet with an attorney who can wind up your business and begin improving your situation. The attorneys as The Jayson Law Group LLC will carefully advise you in the process of dissolving your business to minimize the likelihood of your former employees and creditors filing lawsuits against you. The attorneys at The Jayson Law Group LLC will work with you to make sure that the dissolution of your business runs as smoothly as possible to avoid any issues that may arise.

Business Succession Planning for Closely-held Corporations

Business succession planning can be essential for a smooth transition. A sound succession plan can pass the business down to the next generation or work to ensure that the business is not subject to a hostile take-over or prevent those who do not share your goals from seizing control. In short, business succession planning for a closely held business or corporation is often an essential element of a comprehensive estate plan. A Jayson Law Group LLC attorney can assist you with succession planning as part of an estate plan or independently.

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Put our Business Formation and Dissolution Experience to work for you

Our experienced business attorneys can work with emerging start-up companies or long established businesses and corporations. To see if a The Jayson Law Group LLC attorney can handle your transactional matter or represent your business, call 908-768-3633 or contact us online.